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Hi, I'm Gordon. I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife Cathy and our ten year old pooch Kirah. I've loved photography since I was in high school. When I was in my twenties I was an avid SCUBA diver and underwater photographer. Perhaps one day I'll get those 35mm underwater shots scanned and put them here on smugmug. I've also been into hiking and backpacking on and off through the years and have done quite a lot of nature and landscape photography in that context. More stuff to scan and post! Currently I also pursue Geocaching on occasion, and cycling almost daily. I took my bio shot during the summer of 2005 at the half way point of the "STP", which is the Seattle to Portland bicycle classic. It's a 200 mile bike ride, done each summer by about 10,000 cyclists.

Back in the film era Nikons lived happily in my camera bag, an FA for land work and a Nikonos V for underwater. Fantastic cameras both. In the digital age I've owned several excellent cameras, including an Olympus E-10, a Panasonic FZ7, a Nikon D80, an Olympus E-P1, and a Panasonic GH1. Currently I own a Nikon D700, and a Nikon D7000. These two recent Nikons are my favorite digital cameras by far, particularly the D700, which is just astonishingly good.

Please check out the slideshow on this page or the "Some Favorites" gallery for my best work.

Thanks for stopping by!

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